Meet me in London – Audiobook version

Author:  Georgia Toffolo

Narrated by: The author

4* from me…

The story:

A romantic tale…

Oliver has an extremely overbearing mother desperate to see him settle down with the right girl and start a family. This is becoming more and more important to her in light that her husband, Oliver’s father, is extremely sick and she wants him all settled down and happy should the worst happen. Oliver’s mother is constantly nagging him about this and so when he meets Victoria they agree to a deal where she pretends to be his fiancé to appease her. As the story progresses they become closer and closer and boundaries of the deal are crossed…..

I really enjoyed this easy to listen to romance.

The narration:

I am not normally a fan of the author narrating the story – due to their lack of acting skills and experience, however on this occasion its exactly what I wanted! Having seen Georgia on television over the years I knew her extremely posh British accent would be a dream to listen to, and I was not wrong. She narrated it very well and at a perfect pace.

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My Darling – (Audiobook version)

Author: Amanda Robson

Narrated by: Laura Costello and Matt Addis

The Story:

This is an absolutely great read! Full of suspense, drama and more than a few twists! The story starts with a new couple moving in next door and then the drama unfolds… It’s a real page turner of a tale! Halfway through the story I thought I had it sussed then BAM the twists started and I was guessing and page turning until the end.

The Narration:

I love it when there are more than one narrator, this makes it much easier to follow when the story is being told from different perspectives.  

4* from me.