First Date – Sue Watson

An intense psychological thriller

5* from me… Just Brilliant!

As soon as I started hearing about this book I just HAD to have it! Exactly my kind of read, a great plot, and only a few characters to get to know.

Hannah has not too long left a long term relationship that just wasn’t going anywhere, she wants to find the one, have 3 kids and a Labrador and she wants it now, so when her boss and best friend encourages her to go on the dating app, she finally agrees…

The tale begins at the restaurant, Hannah and Alex are on their first date they have EVERYTHING in common including their dreams for the future. It couldn’t be going any better.. he is very good looking and seems to be really interested in everything she has to say – this could be it, this could be her “the one” but is it just to good to be true?

You’ve heard the saying “ I couldn’t put it down”? well I HAD to put it down, I really didn’t want the book to end so I stalled and stalled savouring it for as long as I could – I managed to spread it over 3 days treating myself to it and loving every word. It’s so full of suspense and I was constantly guessing what was going to come next and often getting it wrong! Full of twists and surprises throughout the story kept me thoroughly entertained I would most certainly recommend this book to anyone who like a Domestic Thriller.

I shall now be going through Sue Watsons back catalogue and seeing what other delights she has to offer!

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