Contacts – Mark Watson Audiobook

Author:  Mark Watson

Narrated by: The author

4* from me…

The story:

We begin with James, boarding the night train at London heading for Edinburgh. He text messages all the contacts in his phone (friends, family and even people he barely knows) to tell them that he intends to end his life in the morning…

This obviously sends a lot of people in to panic, and we follow some them on the journey of finding James before it’s too late… We learn a bit about their time with him and how they became contacts in his phone and a part of his life.

Time is running out and his phone is switched off…

The narration:

I am not normally a fan of the author narrating the story – due to their lack of acting skills and experience. Mark did a good job and read at a good pace. There perhaps could have been a bit more drama in his voice when people were concerned and panicking to reflect their emotions.

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