One Perfect Morning…

One Perfect Morning by Pamela Crane, narrated by Sarah Borges

One Perfect Morning: The gripping new pyschological crime thriller with a twist – a perfect escapist read for Summer 2020 by [Pamela Crane]

This is a tale about 3 ladies, Mackenzie, Robin and Lilly and their friendship spanning from teens to adulthood. Everything looks just so perfect from the outside but there are dark secrets and lies beneath the surface and someone dies…..

I enjoyed listening to this story although I did find that with just the one narrator, I was easily confused as to who’s tale was being told during the story, and got a little lost.

Overall I really enjoyed this tale – I just wish I had perhaps made some notes from the outset as to whom was who as there are quite a few main characters to keep up with.

4/5 stars from me and I would recommend.

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